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Wolfgang Beinert

Graphic designer and typographer


Wolfgang Beinert is a graphic designer and typographer. His work encompasses all aspects of communication and graphic design; in full service from the idea to the consistent realisation to the high-quality material or digital result.

Wolfgang Beinert founded his Graphic Design Studio in Augsburg in 1989. Further stations were Vienna, Rome and Munich. Since 2006, Berlin has been the seat of his studio. He works mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

From the idea to the finished product

Wolfgang Beinert specialises in individual design solutions that require a very high degree of philological, craft, academic and/or artistic specialisation. His special skills include the thoughtful and elegant handling of text, type and image as well as the production of representative and subtle print media.
His skills ultimately lie in Corporate Design, Dditorial Design and Screen Design as essential components of a successful corporate identity strategy. In addition to print media, his repertoire naturally also includes digital media.

Due to his many years of work, Wolfgang Beinert has extensive expertise, which is also used to advise companies, organisations and public administrations.

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Writing and writtenness
Wolfgang Beinert is particularly interested in typography, i.e. the targeted and sustainable use of type. For him, typography does not mean typing letters, but making thoughts and language visible and understandable; in such a way that content, typeface and image form a visually and didactically satisfying whole. 

In addition to his profession as a graphic designer, since 2001 he has been the editor of, an encyclopaedia on European typography with over 4 million visitors in 2019. Furthermore, since 2003 he has been passionately involved as a lecturer in graphic design and typography at various universities as well as at his own, where he offers seminars and workshops for professionals from the agency, design and publishing scene.

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Typography in Graphic and Communication Design
A seminar in German with Wolfgang Beinert for professionals from the agency, design and publishing scene.

Berlin / Loft Friedrichshain / 3 December 2021
/ Literaturhaus / 15 November 2021
Hannover / Rotation / 17 November 2021
Frankfurt / Evangelische Akademie / 22 November 2021
Köln / KOMED im Mediapark / 19 November 2021
Leipzig / Museum für Druckkunst / 1 December 2021
München / Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft / 26 November 2021
Stuttgart / Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg / 24 November 2021
Wien / Zeichenfabrik / 29 November 2021

This seminar is an excursion behind the scenes of top graphic design, a kind of typographic »Making of« that uses realised projects from the last 25 years to convey the elementary importance of typography in communication design and related disciplines. It explains in detail how important typographic know-how is for the realisation of high-quality design services and media.


Sector Focus
The client structure of Wolfgang Beinert’s studio covers a multi-faceted spectrum, from freelancers to globally operating DAX companies. Clients include, for example, Amnesty International, BMW, the Gmund Handmade Paper Factory, Chanel, the Club of Rome, the Goethe Institute, J.C. Flowers & Company, the Bibliotheca Hertziana of the Max Planck Society, Daimler/Mercedes-Benz, the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunications, Leica Camera, VOGUE, the City of Augsburg, the Tate Modern or the State Hofbräuhaus Munich.
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Design Awards
Wolfgang Beinert has already received many awards for his “modern yet timeless typography” (Graphis, New York) and his “extraordinary design solutions” (DesignNET, Seoul); for example, the renowned design awards of the Tokyo Type Directors Club, Art Directors and Type Directors Club of New York as well as the red dot: best of the best.
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 Design Awards


Calculation and compensation
The studio works according to two remuneration models: Flat-rate remuneration (e.g. for corporate designs or annual reports) and remuneration according to person-hours or person-days (e.g. for workshops). All offers are always flat-rate, fixed and offer legal certainty. Hidden cost centres or additional claims are not common.
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  Calculation and Compensation
  Essay: How are design services calculated and remunerated?

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