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calculation and compensation­
of design services
Calculation and Compensation

Calculation and Compensation

Of design, creative and consulting services

Compensation Models

Studio Beinert | Berlin works with two compensation models:

  1. Flat-rate remuneration, e.g. for a corporate design, a logo, a prospectus or an annual report.
  2. Remuneration according to person-hours or person-days, e.g. for design and communication consulting, workshops or In-house Training.

Cost Estimate and Offer

As a matter of principle, all offers are flat-rate, fixed and offer legal certainty, also in terms of copyright. Hidden cost centres or additional demands are not common, even if the real expenditure exceeds the calculated expenditure.

Wolfgang Beinert’s studio rejects hidden refinancing models, for example via commission from suppliers (e.g. printers or providers), in favour of cost transparency, loyalty and qualitative autonomy.


  1. After verifying the exact scope of the order, the studio will provide you with a cost estimate, which you will receive as a PDF file by email.
  2. If this cost estimate requires clarification, we should meet in person – if we have not already done so – to discuss all necessary details.
  3. After we have clarified the details together, you will receive a legally binding offer.
  4. If this offer is then acceptable to you, you will be asked to confirm the offer in writing. This takes care of the unpleasant, bureaucratic part and Wolfgang Beinert can start working creatively for you.


Price-Performance Ratio

At first glance, the studio is in the upper price segment. Only in this way is it possible to invest sufficient time in conscientious research, in the preparation and processing of an order and in sound advice for the client. A design only leaves Wolfgang Beinert’s studio when it is of the best possible quality; no matter how high the commitment. Clients only receive products that meet the highest possible quality standards.

All designs are not created by employees or freelancers, but always by Wolfgang Beinert himself.


Opportunity Costs

Experience shows that Wolfgang Beinert’s many years of experience, well thought-out project management and interdisciplinary know-how minimise clients’ opportunity costs. For example, a few years ago, manager magazin (mm) certified in the framework of the raiting »The best annual reports« that Wolfgang Beinert had generated the best added value for his clients – despite the best quality in conception, creation and production; the evaluated report was the »second cheapest« annual report of all listed top annual reports (blue chips to Tec-Dax).


Geographical proximity

Within the economic area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the distance between a client’s place of business and the studio’s home base in Berlin has little to no significant impact on the time and cost structure of a project.


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