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Annual Reports IFRS


Project | Annual Reports according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Client | AG, Munich, Pullach.
Years | 2004-2008.
Sector | Financial service providers, insurance companies and banks.
Services | Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Web Design, Photography.
Scope | German and English versions, print and online versions, invitations to shareholders for the annual general meeting and other IR and reporting measures.
Remark | The annual reports were awarded in succession by manager magazin as one of the best annual reports in Europe. In the context of IPO communication (Initial Public Offering Communication), the Going Public Report also received the Econ/Handelsblatt Award for Corporate Communication in addition to reporting measures.

Further information in German
 mm: AG unter den Top-Annual Reports der wichtigsten Börsenfirmen Europas
 Initial Public Offering: Wenn Firmen an die Börse gehen

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Press release


In this year’s manager magazin »Best Annual Reports 2007« rating, the annual report of the S-Dax company AG from Pullach near Munich was once again able to assert itself among the top European annual reports. Compared to 2006, the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) annual report, which was conceived and designed by Wolfgang Beinert in cooperation with the Investor Relations department of AG, even improved its overall ranking by three places.

Best price-performance ratio
Many companies usually invest well over EUR 1 million annually for such a coveted mm rating of their annual report – not to mention the enormous personnel expenses involved. AG, on the other hand, was able to achieve this remarkable success – for the benefit of its shareholders – with a fraction of such resources.

Because high quality does not have to be expensive: Although AG’s annual report was conceived, designed and photographed by an exclusive design studio and produced on premium paper by a renowned Munich printer, a survey conducted by manager magazin (mm) revealed that the report was the “second least expensive” annual report of all listed top annual reports (blue chips to Tec-Dax) in 2005.

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