Logos and Wordmarks

Corporate Design

Logos and Wordmarks

Logos and Wordmarks
Liquids Parametric Design
logo liquids
gedk Küchen
logo gdek
Alphatec Engineering
logo alphatec engineering
Stadt Augsburg
logo curt frenzel stadion
Elke Dauphin
logo villa davinci hotel
Accelsis Technologies
logo accelsis it technology
logo coded it solutions
Coded IT Solutions
Wittur Aufzüge
logo wittur aufzuege
Interlift Aufzugsmesse
logo interlift messe aufzuege
W2 Satellite
logo w2 satellite
Dirigent Peter Stangel
logo stangel dirigent
logo berliner gestalten
Berliner Gestalten
Gasthaus Jennerwein
logo jennerwein gasthaus
Rene Schirrmacher
logo schirrmacher security
Stadtwerke Augsburg
logo stadtwerke augsburg energieberatung
logo lumina theatre lighting
logo mhb bank
Münchener Hypothekenbank
logo beinert victory
Atelier Beinert
Beinert Russian
logo beinert russian
logo typolexikon lexikon
Malermeister Hering
logo hering maler
Roth Mode
logo roth mode
logo soundplus goethe institut
Yvonne Lang
logo lang

Logos and Word Marks 

Logo Design


Projects | Logos, logos and wordmarks for various companies and organisations.
Years | 1991-2018.
Clients | Various clients (see icons).
Services | Corporate Design, Logo Design.

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