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Leica Camera

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Project | Leica Gallery 1 and 2 photo books.
Client | Leica Camera AG, Solms.
Year | 1994-1996.
Sector | Optical Industry.
Services | Editorial Design.
Remark | Leica Gallery Volume I was awarded by the Stiftung Buchkunst as one of the most beautiful books in Germany. Volume 2 received the Kodak Award. The photo books were published by Hermann Schmidt Mainz.
Just in time for photokina, the world fair of the image, your book was available in print and already found many interested parties there. Your efforts have paid off. With your help, Leica Gallery has become even more attractive and of higher quality. Our heartfelt thanks for that.

Nicole Rubbe und H.G. von Zydowitz
Head of Communication, Head of Public Relations
Leica AG, Solms, Germany
Further information in German
  Stiftung Buchkunst honours graphic designer Wolfgang Beinert

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