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Computer Graphics
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Computer Graphics

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Project | Computer graphics (digital illustrations) for the Beinert web space for screen interfaces and visual peripherals on various topics.
Years | 1999 to 2001.
Client | Atelier Beinert, Munich.
Sector | Cultural and creative industries.
Services | Screen Design, Computer Graphics, Typography.
Note | These computer graphics belong to the »First Generation« of digital illustrations generated on a standard Apple PC. They were created between 1998 and 2001 with Adobe Photoshop, when it became possible for the first time to edit text in an image editing program (version 5.0 or higher). Digital collages of this kind could not previously be produced with commercially available hardware and software.

The website with these digital illustrations ( was awarded, among others, the Graphis Interactive Award (New York) and the American Center for Design as one of the internationally best websites (2001) as well as the Prix Ars Electronica (2000 and 2001) in the category »Net Excellence«.

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