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Designcenter Munich

Designcenter Munich

Design Center Munich

Project tower at the Munich University of Applied Sciences


Project | University project at the Faculty of Design.
Years | 2005-2006.
Client | Munich University of Applied Sciences.
Sector | Public corporation.
Services | Lectureship, development and corporate identity of a project centre for design and photography.
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Background information
Communiqué of June 2005 

Opening Design Center Munich
Ceremonial opening of a university project by Wolfgang Beinert on 15 June 2005 at 8 p.m. at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Design, Clemensstraße 33, Munich, Schwabing.

Hooray, we are still alive …
It is now about a year ago that the new Dean of the Design Department at the FH Munich, Professor Michael Keller, and I met for the first time. Back then, I told him about my vision of a »cultural centre for design«, he told me about his vision of a »new design faculty« in Munich. Each took up the other’s ball and in the interplay of exchanging ideas we linked our two ideas with an interdisciplinary university project.

Dean Keller contributed the »hardware« as well as the approval of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts, I contributed the »software« and the financing for the first year. So now we are celebrating the »launch« of our »Designcenter München«, which is the hopeful prelude to a veritable centre of excellence for design and photography in Munich; an initiative that originates with the creators, authors, producers and designers themselves, and is not launched by exploiters, administrators or middlemen. The Designcenter München will offer first-hand information, knowledge, ideas and contacts, direct and fresh from the minds of designers and photographers.


Unübersehbar: Ein neuer Geist hält Einzug in das FH-Gebäude in der Clemensstraße in München. Für ein Jahr wird das Hochschulprojekt Designcenter München von Wolfgang Beinert und seinen Studenten die FH-München etwas verändern. Mal sehen, was dabei herauskommt. Hauptmotiv des Designcenter München ist das »Spacegirl« Daniela Deutzer, eine der Protagonistinnen des Projekts.

A new spirit is taking hold in the university building in Clemensstraße in Munich. For one year, the university project Designcenter München by Wolfgang Beinert and his students will change the design department at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Let’s see what comes out of it. The main motif of the Designcenter München is the »Spacegirl« Daniela Deutzer, one of the project’s protagonists.

Die Megaplakate wurden von den Studenten selbst entworfen, fotografiert und implementiert. Links im Motiv Sebastian Böttcher (Studiengang Fotodesign) und rechts Birgit Pausch (Studiengang Kommunikationsdesign). Das Hochschulprojekt wird komplett privat finanziert und auch durch Sponsoren, beispielsweise von Herrn Graz von Typico Megaprints, unterstützt.

The mega-posters were designed, photographed and implemented by the students themselves. On the left in the motif Sebastian Böttcher (photo design course) and on the right Birgit Pausch (communication design course). The university project is completely privately financed and also supported by sponsors, for example by Mr Graz from Typico Megaprints.

Bei den Vorbereitungen zum Opening: Daniela Deutzer, Wolfgang Beinert, Nikola Gottschick Martini und Björn Schmidt.

Preparing for the opening: Daniela Deutzer, Wolfgang Beinert, Nikola Martini and Björn Schmidt.

Test im Englischen Garten: Daniela Deutzer hängt Ihre Typo-Installation mit Texten von Gertrud Höhler auf, welche auch auf dem Opening im Garten des FH-Gebäudes in der Clemensstraße 33 zu sehen sein wird.

Test in the English Garden: Daniela Deutzer hangs up her typo installation with texts by Gertrud Höhler, which will also be on display at the Opening in the garden of the university building at Clemensstraße 33.

Nikola Martini und Lies Friedrich bei den Vorbereitungen zu der Installation »Was ist ein Bild?« und »Was ist Design?«, die in sämtlichen Häusern des Fachbereichs 12 zu sehen sein wird.

Nikola Martini and Lies Friedrich preparing the installation »What is a picture?« and »What is design?«, which will be on display in all the houses of Department 12.

Ein Teil der Installation »Was ist Design?« wird Tag und Nacht auf dem Odeonsplatz in München stattfinden. Nachts werden Fragen an die Säule projeziert. Im Bild: Birgit Pausch, Daniela Deutzer und Nikola Martini.

Part of the installation »What is design?« will take place day and night on Odeonsplatz in Munich. At night, questions will be projected onto the column. In the picture: Birgit Pausch, Daniela Deutzer and Nikola Martini.


Thanks to …
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the project leaders, my tutors and Prof. Michael Keller for their outstanding commitment. I would also like to thank the lecturers and students at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, without whom we would certainly not have come this far. May all our wishes come true that the Munich Design Centre continues to develop into a place of mutual inspiration and motivation, of joyful teaching and learning, where multidisciplinary knowledge of the essence of visual design and photography is promoted, passed on, cultivated and – above all – authentically lived through passionate commitment.
Wolfgang Beinert
Munich, June 2005

Love, passion and curiosity …

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